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When I saw my associate Peggy had a section on her website for endorsements I jumped at the chance. Peggy has been so far ahead of the pack for so long. She was well ahead of the curve in understanding how the web was going to change everything regarding people interacting with information, bringing such things as PERL and then PHP to my attention before others knew what they were. Today she can work in nearly any environment including Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and more with a solid understanding of various frameworks and overlays plus a strong backing in Javascript and jquery.

I've known Peggy a long time, and she's always stayed up-to-date with trending technologies, offering her clients simple, no-nonsense solutions, great service and a wonderful attitude in the package. In terms of capable developers who balance a real interest with their clients projects and solution finding grit "Peggy O" has what it takes! If you have the opportunity to hire her for your next project, she won't let you down.

Peggy O'Connor is one of the most unique personalities that I have met in my twenty plus years of software development activity. She is devoted to doing quality work that matters. She has a exemplary grasp of developing enterprise level web based applications in a fast paced organization. She is a continuous learner and possesses an open mind. Unlike more developers that tend to so specialized that they lose the forest 'fore the trees, Peggy's system administration skills are on par with her ability to write code. Such competency is hard to come by.

I had a lot of fun working with Peggy and would do so again without hesitation.

Bob Reselman is a Senior Technical Writer and Technical Editor for Edmunds Inc. Edmunds Inc. is a leading publisher of high volume, high availability, state of the art, Java based Web sites dedicated to empowering the automotive consumer. Bob is the author of numerous books and articles on computer programming. Bob was the CTO of ITFex, a Wall Street startup dedicated to the providing on line products for International Trade Finance Community. Also, Bob was the Platform Architect, Consumer Products for the computer manufacturer, Gateway.

I recently had occasion to search our records and was astounded to find that Peggy and I have been working together since the end of 2002! Put succinctly, Peggy's a gem. She has a real talent for understanding and translating the needs of non-programmer types like me into computer code that accomplishes our objective, and I find that a rare quality in the programming community. She's easy to work with, and stays ahead of the curve on all the new technology so our large e-commerce application is, and will continue to be, cutting edge. Bottom line, I can recommend Peggy without reservation.

Dave Drekter, Pres.

Peggy is fantastic at what she does. Highly-knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with.

We've worked with her for several years now, and she's always delivered a high-quality product for us. Our clients are pleased, and we're pleased with Peggy for making us look good to our clients!

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The artist/magician behind the curtain!

Peggy OConnor developed several complex database features for our Pulse of the Planet ( and Kids' Science Challenge ( web sites, including a dynamically delivered module for thousands of audio programs, a customized e-store and membership branch with downloadable curriculum and products, registration and entry systems, and voting and tabulating systems. We relied on Peggy through every step of the yellow brick road.

Ann Zumwinkle


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